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Genecoder molecular biology software is platform independent and only requires JavaTM 1.6 or later.


Whats New

  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Align Sanger Trace Files
  • Command line utilities

Program Features

  • Sequence Database
  • Support for a large array of sequence file formats (default: Genbank)
  • Dynamic Restriction Site Analysis of DNA sequences
  • Editable Restriction Enzyme Library
  • Highlight, select, analyze, and save regions of interest
  • Create Linear and Circular Restriction Maps
  • Pairwise and multiple sequence alignments.
  • Plugin API to extend tools, views, and readable file formats.
  • Comprehensive preferences
  • Remote NCBI BLAST and Entrez Queries and downloads
  • View and analyze DNA sequence trace chromatagrams
  • Search for common sequences from an editable database of sequences
  • Analyze oligonucleotides for PCR and/or siRNA
  • And much more...

GeneCoder Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How did GeneCoder come about?
  2. Is Genecoder Open Source?
  3. Why is GeneCoder free?
  4. How can I contribute?


  1. How did GeneCoder come about? Genecoder was initially created in 2003. As a biochemistry graduate student, and being frustrated with available molecular biology software at that time, Greg Cope - the founder of algosome - began writing scripts and tools to help in his research. Initially written in C, these tools were compiled into a mac only usable version of the software (version 1). Later, GeneCoder was ported to Java (version 2) with the same look and feel as version 1. In 2009, GeneCoder's interface was given an extreme makeover, resulting in version 3 of the software. Between 2009 and 2011, the tools and user interface of GeneCoder were enhanced, resulting in the current version of the software (version 4). All code was written by Greg Cope, and the software tested by users across the globe.

  2. Is Genecoder Open Source? Current deployed Versions of GeneCoder (3 and 4), are written in JavaTM. At this time, source code for any version of GeneCoder is not publicly available and all code and executables are © 2005-2013 Greg Cope. For those wishing to adapt GeneCoder, a Plugin API is available.

  3. What's with the GeneCoder license? Genecoder was originally written by a Biology Graduate Student frustrated with the current molecular biology software. Keyservers and price tags of the software at the time promoted the creation of the Genecoder project. However, the development of GeneCoder as well as the development and hosting of this website are not free. Thus, we developed a license that we hope will please the most people. This license allows those in non-commercial environments to use the software free of charge, and those expecting to capitalize through the use of the software to purchase a license - the money of which goes back into the development of the software.

  4. How can I contribute? Genecoder is free software to those not wishing to gain monetarily from its use, yet its development is not. The Plugin API is the first place where people can contribute - writing plugins that extend the capability of the software and sharing with us and colleagues. If you are a software engineer or designer wishing to contribute your knowledge and expertise, please contact Greg Cope. If you wish to otherwise contribute, you are encouraged to make a donation.

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