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About Our Software

Our current software packages range from chemistry tools to 3-dimensional macromolecular modeling programs to website analysis tools. Please visit each project for more specific information.

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VistaPBD is an extensive stand alone application for Macintosh that can render, view, and analyze 3-dimensional crystal structures of macromolecules. VistaPDB reads PDB files download from the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB). For more information about VistaPDB, visit the VistaPDB release page.


GeneCoder is an extensive, multi platform, stand-alone program for Molecular Biologists. Performing a variety of functions, including DNA and Protein sequence analysis, alignments, NCBI database queries, GeneCoder makes cloning easy.


JMolar is a calculator for scientists that can be used to calculate molarities and molecular mass. Including a fully functional and dynamic Periodic Table, JMolar is an easy to use application that makes nomenclature and molarity easy.

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