About Algosome.com

Algosome was launched in 2008 by Greg Cope to serve as a release website for several independent software projects. Algosome has since grown to contain online tools, articles, and downloadable desktop applications.

Greg Cope has a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology, performed Postdoctoral work at Stanford University, and currently works as a Bioinformatics Scientist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

During Greg's graduate work at Caltech, he began designing software to facilitate his research in biochemistry. Frustrated with the lack of a cost effective and easy to use Molecular Biology software package at the time, Greg began to write scripts to facilitate his research. These scripts culminated in the GeneCoder project - a comprehensive Biology tool for Molecular Cloning.

In 2009 the VistaPDB software was released. VistaPDB provides the scientific community with an easy to use 3D macromolecular modeling program. Capable of displaying and analyzing 3D structures in publicly available PDB format, VistaPDB is a comprehensive resource that excels beyond the current software available.

Greg has experience in a variety of programming languages, including java, perl, php, C, C++, Objective-C, SQL, HTML, and css. Although his programming experience ranges in subject matter, Greg's current research is in the area of Bioinformatics with a focus on software development, statistics, machine learning and data mining.

What does algosome mean? Algosome is the melding of two words: algorithm and 'some'. In Computer Science, an algorithm is a set of instructions for calculation and data processing. In biology, a 'some' (pronounced 'zome') is a large complex of molecules - more often than not proteins - together performing a set of instructions for a given process, be it protein synthesis (Ribosome), protein degradation (Proteasome), or chromatin organization (nucleosome). The blending of these two words is what Algosome is all about - creating a group (or in biological terms a 'complex') of algorithms, with the end goal of solving problems.

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