Genecoder 4

To the left is just a taste of the features available in GeneCoder. Analyze DNA sequences for restriction sites, assign regions, perform sequence alignments, and much, much more! Download now to experience the program first hand!


Genecoder molecular biology software is platform independent and only requires JavaTM 1.6 or later.


Whats New

  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Align Sanger Trace Files
  • Command line utilities

Program Features

  • Sequence Database
  • Support for a large array of sequence file formats (default: Genbank)
  • Dynamic Restriction Site Analysis of DNA sequences
  • Editable Restriction Enzyme Library
  • Highlight, select, analyze, and save regions of interest
  • Create Linear and Circular Restriction Maps
  • Pairwise and multiple sequence alignments.
  • Plugin API to extend tools, views, and readable file formats.
  • Comprehensive preferences
  • Remote NCBI BLAST and Entrez Queries and downloads
  • View and analyze DNA sequence trace chromatagrams
  • Search for common sequences from an editable database of sequences
  • Analyze oligonucleotides for PCR and/or siRNA
  • And much more...

Screenshots (v4)

Sequence Editor:

Edit DNA and Protein sequences, assign Regions, write notes, and analyze Restriction Sites on the fly. Access tools, sequence file databases, and view multiple sequences all in a single window.

DNA Sequence Editor

Enzyme Library:

Choose which enzymes to use in digests or maps. Add, edit, and view additional enzyme information all at the click of a button.

Restriction Enzyme Library


Align multiple sequences with color rich and informative results*.

Sequence Alignments Tool

Align sequences pairwise, perform BLAST queries, and align Sequence Trace files to a reference sequence.

Sequence Alignments Tool

And much, much more....

*Available in GeneCoder 4.1 or above.


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