VistaPDB requires Mac OSX 10.3 or later.



  • Model types include stick, space filling, ball and stick, ribbon, and surface, and many other variations.
  • Easily modify model preferences, including color, line width, antialiasing, and much more...
  • Easily measure between two atoms
  • Transform single strucutres from complex co-crystal structures
  • Complex selection tools include single and multiple residue selections from the viewer, selection via residues, and selections by proximity.
  • Multi-structure models supported.
  • Align proteins to a structure and view the alignment in 3D.
  • Search by keyword and download PDB files.
  • Much, much, more...

VistaPDB Screenshots

User Interface:

Hemoglobin displayed in VistaPDB using the Olive Fade Color Preset.

VistaPDB Graphical User Interface

Helical Wheel Diagram showing the amphipathic nature of Helix 6 in alpha-Tubulin.

VistaPDB Helical Wheel


Stick and ribbon models of the protein Ubiquitin (1UBQ.pdb)

GTP bound to the interface between alpha- and beta-tubulin (1TUB).

Charged surface model of alpha- and beta-tubulin (1TUB).

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