VistaPDB requires Mac OSX 10.3 or later.



  • Model types include stick, space filling, ball and stick, ribbon, and surface, and many other variations.
  • Easily modify model preferences, including color, line width, antialiasing, and much more...
  • Easily measure between two atoms
  • Transform single strucutres from complex co-crystal structures
  • Complex selection tools include single and multiple residue selections from the viewer, selection via residues, and selections by proximity.
  • Multi-structure models supported.
  • Align proteins to a structure and view the alignment in 3D.
  • Search by keyword and download PDB files.
  • Much, much, more...


VistaPDB is a free, stand-alone program for biologists to analyze 3D Protein and DNA structures in the form of PDB files.

Download VistaPDB


Model Types

  • Stick.
  • Ball and Stick
  • Space Filling
  • Ribbon
  • Surface
  • Easily modifiable model preferences allows users to modify color, resolution, and much more...


  • Rotation and translation tools make analyzing models easy. Move the rotation of origin to rotate models around a different point.
  • Measure molecular distances.
  • Add new models via layers.
  • Split co-crystal structures into self-rotating models.
  • Animate models and record movies.


  • Align sequences via pairwise or BLAST1 algorithms. View the alignments in the 3D viewer to analyze similarities and differences.


  • Currently compatable with PDB files only.
  • Save customized models as a PDB formatted file.

Other tools

  • Search and download1 PDB Files on the fly.
  • Comprehensive 3D amino acid and nucleotide reference.
  • Comprehensive selection tools to select residues by type, location, and proximity.

1 BLAST and Entrez tools are based upon third party support from National Center for Biotechnology Information. Please treat this resource with respect - abuse can result in rejection of searches and queries by NCBI.


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