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GeneCoder Molecular Biology Software allows users to mark particular features within a DNA or Protein sequence. GeneCoder calls this features 'regions'. Regions can be just about any span of sequence, including open reading frames, primer sequences, selection markers, polylinkes, or any number of other features.

To add a region, use the Toolbox and choose the corresponding New Region action for the sequence Type. Alternatively, right click the sequence in a sequence editor and choose "Create Region". A window will be shown that allows you to specify the details of the region, such as its direction, type, name, and location.

Regions can be inspected by double clicking the region, right click a region and choose "Inspect", or running the Inspect Regions tool. The new window allows you to look at the list of regions, and view or change the direction, location, and type. Further, each region is allowed several key/value pairs by clicking the add button underneath the features table

GeneCoder Inspect Regions

The GeneCoder inspect Regions dialog. Here one can edit regions to change its type, direction, location, and annotation.

Region color is specified by the type of region, and can be changed by going to Edit->Preferences, choose regions and select the color for each type.

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