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GeneCoder molecular biology software provides several common sequence manipulations tools to analyze, mark, and/or transform DNA or Protein sequences.

Antiparallel and Complement

The Antiparallel and Complement tools act on DNA sequences to convert them to the complementary DNA Sequence (strand). Whereas complement simply transforms the bases to their base pairing partner, antiparallel reverse the complement such that the DNA sequence is in the 5' to 3' direction.


Sequences of subsets of sequences can be edited and changed to upper and/or lower case. This can be useful to mark particular sequences, for instance overhangs in oligonucleotides, cloning sites, etc...


DNA sequences can be translated to Protein, or viewed with respect to open reading frames in all 3 frames. The translation tool does the former, the Translate 3-frame the latter. Further, a sequence can be scanned for open reading frames using the Find Open Reading Frame tool.

GeneCoder Restriction Enzyme Preferences

3-Phase translation showing the open reading frames of a DNA sequence graphically.

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